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How to Tell if Someone is Jealous of You: 13 Signs of Bad Envy

How to tell if someone is jealous of you

“Jealousy is a snake in the grass” or so folk wisdom says. It hides itself so it becomes difficult to detect unlike other obvious emotions, like anger.

And like the snake metaphor, jealousy comes from people close to us. It may come from friends, co-workers, or even family. So how does one detect the “green-eyed monster” lurking within the people around them? Here are the signs.

#1 Jealous people ply you with false praise and insincere compliments. One thing jealous people want is to let others know that they are in fact not jealous of you.

#2 They try to downplay your achievements. The greatest pet peeve of jealous people is when the object of their jealousy continues to achieve success.

#3 They flaunt their successes more than its actual merit. While you enjoy your achievements in humble silence, a jealous person tries to make themselves feel better by drowning out your praise by overemphasizing their own little achievements despite that it pales in comparison to yours.

#4 Jealous people deliberately give bad advice. Remember, what they want in life is for you to fail.

#5 Jealous people imitate you. Jealous people want what you have. For them, it’s like a game of “who did it better.”

#6 They are very competitive towards you. As mentioned, it is a jealous person’s nature to outdo you in every way as to steal the glory that they think you don’t deserve.

#7 Jealous people criticize you in every aspect. Have you ever met a person who just spouts criticism at you every chance they get that it seems they look forward to it? It is very likely that the person harbors jealousy towards you.

An average person drops some criticism at some point, but jealous people make a career out of pointing out your mistakes every second of the day and in the most inappropriate of times.

#9 They celebrate your failures. Of course, they will not break into a victory dance when your boss reprimands you for a mistake, but count on it, deep inside they celebrate your failures.

#10 They are absent during your moments of successes. The last thing a jealous person wants is to be present at a gathering celebrating another person’s success. Not only does it make them uncomfortable, it also heightens their sense of insecurity.

#11 They talk behind your back. Jealous people are called “snakes in the grass” for a reason. While they are non-confrontational and may even pass off as friendly, they fight their battle against you underhandedly.

#12 They will humiliate you in front of others. Jealous people take every chance they can to downplay your achievements or criticize you. One way that combines both is to humiliate you in front of others.

What do they achieve from this? First, they consolidate their standing as the superior person, and second, they reduce your credibility by doing this in front of others. It’s a win-win situation for them.

#13 They just hate you for no reason at all. Let’s admit it. Jealous people won’t admit that they’re jealous of you because it adds to their insecurity. And for this fact, they hate you at every aspect and show this hate in any way possible. Even if it doesn’t make sense at all.


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