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How to Deal With a Jealous Friend | Her Campus

Jealousy is tricky terrain. Because jealousy usually isn’t confronted head-on, it can be hard to be 100 percent sure that it’s the cause of tension in friendships. We’re often hesitant to assume people are jealous of us, and for good reason. After all, something could be going on that has nothing to do with you at all. You can have your suspicions, of course, but how do you broach the topic with your friend without seeming self-centered or accusing her of something completely off the mark?

To start, there are signs of jealousy you can look out for. Your friend might be clingy, competitive, passive aggressive or unsupportive of things that make you happy. But even if the signs are there, according to Levine, you shouldn’t bring up the J word until absolutely necessary.



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