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How Fake Friends Cause Anxiety And Sabotage Your Success

But if you hang out with people who cut you down and belittle your accomplishments to keep you in your place, you are going to live a more miserable life.

You’re going to miss out on achieving your biggest goals.

Look, when someone else achieves something great, it’s normal to feel a slight twinge of concern.

Your brain will immediately try to compare what the other person accomplished to what you’ve accomplished.

If the other person accomplished something better or different than you, your brain will try to justify what happened so you don’t go around feeling guilty or less successful than the other person.

A mature person justifies other people’s accomplishments by getting excited for them and thinking, “Wow, if I work hard I can do something like that too.”

Or, “Wow, what they accomplished is completely different than what I want for my life, but I’m really happy for them and am going to help them celebrate.”

An immature person, on the other hand, justifies other people’s accomplishments by saying they got lucky or by acting like their accomplishments are worthless.

If you want to start getting ahead in life, you need to cut ties with the people holding you back.

In particular, you need to step away from the person who belittles your accomplishments just because it makes them feel better about their life.



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