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Backhanded Praise!!!!

This is a passive-aggressive approach to jealousy. The jealous person will often begin with a mildly complementary remark and then include the dreaded backhanded ‘but…’ Example: “Mary did a good job on the banner. I bet she stayed up all night working on it, which might’ve been why the words were lopsided and she didn’t take the time to shadow them like I did on my last banner.” It’s an effort to moderate and downplay your success as unimportant. And, if they have any success of their own, they’ll take the opportunity to reminisce and flaunt it as better and more important. A lot of people with more Pollyanna personalities have difficulties recognizing such passive aggressiveness for the dig that it is, which means that those people simply hear the remarks as constructive criticism by the helpful (jealous) person. Therefore, any confrontation over it looks like aggression on your part if you don’t choose how you handle the situation very carefully.



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