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The Perfect Example?

Jimmy Savile makes a good example of a narcissist.  In the case of Jimmy Savile he was clearly a narcissist but was not co-dependent.  He was extremely successful in business , he looked after his own finances and he was a multi-millionaire.  He may have employed someone to take care of his finances but it was ultimately Savile who decided what was done with those finances.  As hard as it is to state now Jimmy Savile was one of my childhood heroes.  In fact he was probably the childhood hero of all the children in my class at the time.  I grew up watching Jim’ll Fix It and I think most children of my age at that time would have probably done anything for a chance to let Jim “fix it”, I know I would have jumped at the chance.  Savile had built himself a strong reputation of being a charismatic, charming and positive man who was charitable, generous and would regularly fulfil the dreams of young children making them and their parents/guardians happy.  Little were we to know that he was also planting the seeds of their worst nightmares.



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