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Staying with toxic friends influences you more than you think

Staying with toxic friends influences you more than you think:

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn

 They convey criticism

They lack consistency in their words. They’re like snipers you don’t know when they might strike, and their advice is a kick-to-the-stomach that makes you feel small and embarrassed.

They’re covetous

They feel bitter when you acquire things they don’t have instead of being happy for you.

“As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.” — Greek Philosopher

They discredit you

They doubt everything you say or do. They hold you in low esteem and spread lies about you. They lack faith in you and belittles your achievements.

They’re untrustworthy

They disclose secrets confined to them which destroys the trust you put in them.

They’re gossipy

They chatter behind your back and spread rumors about you.

They’re unhappy

Low spirits mark their lives.

They’re self-centered

They offer help when it’s convenient to them not to you.

Their life is a living drama

Describing a bad day is stretched to an abnormal level.

They bully

They use your emotions to attack you.

They’re blabby

They talk too much. You never get a chance to put one word in a conversation.

They’re judgmental

They pass harsh and critical judgment based on their own ideas. They’re not open to hearing your version of the story.

They’re liars

They habitually lie with every intention to deceive you.

They’re bigheaded

They are too stuck up to deal with and for the most part, they just talk about themselves.

They’re stubborn

It’s their way or no way.

They’re resentful

They never give up their ruthless nature.

They’re harsh

They get involved in fights over petty arguments.

“You can never win an argument with a negative person they only hear what suits them and listen only to respond.” — Michael P. Watson.

They’re cheap

They lack generosity and are concerned with themselves.



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