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So, how do you really know if your friend is jealous of you?

So, how do you really know if your friend is jealous of you? Are there some obvious signs that can tell you that your friendship is not as strong as it used to be? Worry no more because I am showing you the list of things every girl who is jealous of you will do; it is just a matter of time when she does.

She is extremely competitive

The girl you used to know before has changed so much.

She fakes being happy for you

If you see that your friend is acting all distant and not reacting well to the good things that happen to you, it is an obvious sign that she is quite jealous.

She judges you for everything that you do

If your friend tells you that you shouldn’t do something or that you have done something in a bad way, it means that she is jealous of you.

She is possessive

When your best friend starts being possessive overnight, it means that she is not happy with her life and that she is blaming you for that.

She doesn’t support you

You can still remember when the two of you were the biggest support to each other but now all of a sudden things have changed.

She doesn’t want to be near you

If your friend avoids you for no reason, it is a big, red flag that something is wrong.

She humiliates you in front of others

For some reason, she wants you to feel bad when you are with her. That’s why she will humiliate you in front of your other friends and in that way, she will feel superior. She is probably doing all that because she feels neglected by some of your friends and because she wants to be in the spotlight again. This is not a way a true friend should behave so think twice about if you still want to keep her in your life.

She gives you bad advice

A friend who is jealous of you will deliberately give you bad advice so you don’t succeed in what you are doing. She does this because she wants to be better than you and because this is an easy way to compete with you.




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