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Parental Alienation: A Narcissist’s Objective | The Exhausted Woman

Frustrated over the financial outcome of her divorce, Maria passively-aggressively told her two kids, ‘I can’t afford anything, go ask your dad, he has all the money.’ At first her kids expressed disappointment which allowed them to bond with Maria’s self-imposed victimization from the settlement. But as soon as that diminished and her kids failed to show any further concern or give Maria attention, she escalated. ‘Your dad stole from me,’ she started saying instead, ‘He promised me he would always take care of me and he broke his promise. You can’t trust him.’ Again, the kids sided with their mom because their dad had recently disciplined one of them for lying. But after a while, the kid’s zeal for their mom’s victimization died down. So Maria once again intensified the comments, ‘One day your dad will leave you the way he left me. He left because he knew he would be making more money and didn’t want me to have any. You should keep an eye on him.’ This worked for a while and the kids

Source: Parental Alienation: A Narcissist’s Objective | The Exhausted Woman



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