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How to respond when a friend violates a trust

One of the most basic rules of friendships really should…go without saying, since it is truly about going without saying:

Never break a friend’s confidences.

As a counselor, I provide clients with a space where they can truly let go of their burdens and reveal their secrets, troubles, fears, and aspirations. The guarantee of privacy and respect of confidentiality extends all the way to the point where the threat of harm to themselves or others is indicated as likely to occur. Up to that point, we offer the sanctity of privacy.

In your friendships, a similar commitment to a friend’s need for confidentiality should also be upheld to that very same point.



Currently studying Psychotherapy , Cognitive psychology, Biological psychology, Counselling psychology and CBT. I believe in truth, honesty and integrity! ≧◔◡◔≦

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