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Beware the “Cheater’s High”! – From

The cheater’s high is an emotional boost, or thrill, that some people get when they successfully cheat or deceive another person or organization. The rush they enjoy can lead them to repeat their dishonesty, even when there’s no reward other than the high itself. If there is anything remotely positive to take from this behavior, it is the finding that, in most cases, getting the high depends on their actions not directly harming anyone else.

The unethical or deceitful behavior of the cheater’s high does not have to be severe or criminal. For example, it can be exaggerating your management experience in an interview, “borrowing” items from the stationery cupboard, or logging more hours than you actually worked.

Looking honestly at your own behavior, try to recall whether you have ever felt a buzz or a kick at getting away with a lie or some form of cheating. If you have, you’ve experienced the cheater’s high.



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