The Backstabber Personality – Health Psychology Consultancy

Backstabber’s will say the nicest things about you in your presence, only to turn around and tell others what a good-for-nothing, hopeless waste of space you are. They feel insecure, emotionally vulnerable, and angry with themselves and the world, so make up stories about others or exaggerate minor mistakes and weaknesses of people. They like to stir up conflict and drama, and enjoy seeing people going at each other’s’ throats. Often, these people leave us astounded and confused when we realise what they are up to due to their stealth and subtlety. Unfortunately, Backstabber’s are everywhere. Here are ways in which you can spot one:

  • Some are overly friendly and can be full of flattery for no apparent reason. This is to win your trust and to disguise their unsavoury motives.

  • They can make a show about being friends with your, yet indulge in poisonous gossip about you.

  • They almost always deny their role in spreading lies or starting untoward rumours about people.

  • They are adept at making you, when you confront them, feel like the guilty party

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