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Backstabbing Friends

You thought of her as a friend and ally, but by resorting to underhanded tactics that made you look bad, backstabbing became the only word to define her actions. Backstabbing friends are a part of life, and the act itself happens to nearly everyone at some point in life. The betrayal of a trusted friend or colleague inflicts pain and hurt. How do you deal with low-blow deceptive attacks? Learn the whys and how’s of backstabbing friends and decide if saving the friendship is worth the effort.

People who backstab tend to be insecure. Dr. Les Parrot, author of High Maintenance Relationships, lists these adjectives to describe a backstabber: “vindictive, revengeful, deceitful, conniving, resentful, and angry.” He also adds passive-aggressive behavior as another trait of the backstabbing friend or coworker.

Behaving like your best friend with smiles, a helpful attitude, and promises of loyalty and trustworthiness, the backstabber waits for the right moment and then turns on you with a vengeance. From stealing projects at work to stealing friends, the backstabber’s ways are manipulative as she uses low-ball tactics that make you appear to be a liar, a thief or someone not to be trusted.



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