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Forgiveness | Reiki healing

If we take a deeper look we will realize that many times things just kept happening to us without our willingness or expecting them. We can think or assume that as if we are borne along as if by some higher force.

The David Augsburger has said: ‘Forgiveness is letting what was, be gone. What will be, come. What is now, be !’. It is the willingness accompanied with action plan to let go of hurtful past. It is releasing desire to hurt others and ourselves. It is a way to shift our consciousness, our perception from anger and hate to love and happiness. It is a conscious decision to choose not to suffer any more. It is letting go of all hopes for a better past. Forgiveness is a creative act that changes us from prisoners of the past to liberated people at peace with our memories. It means seeing divinity and love in everybody. It is a constant process not one time thing. You either totally forgive or you either do not forgive at all.

The emotions of hate and anger keep us away from our true nature i.e. peace, love and bliss. Forgiveness is a way to experience our love and divine bliss. It is a way to experience our divine connection with each other. Forgiveness means taking responsibility for our own happiness and peace. It means creating a shield against detrimental mental and emotional garbage; an etheric defense layer. It brings a dramatic energy shift. Forgiveness means changing your attitude about the past.

Source: Forgiveness | Reiki healing



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