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How To Survive A Relationship With A Control Freak | HuffPost

Psychologists tell us that controllers don’t see themselves as controlling, they see themselves as RIGHT.

When they see you doing something your way, they don’t recognize that as your prerogative, as you getting to choose and make your own decisions. They see that as you being wrong, simply because you’re not doing it their way, which in their mind, is always the right way.

They’re right, you’re wrong. You lose.

Even if they’re able to hold their tongues and allow you to do it your way, they’re often waiting for events to go wrong so they can jump on the “I told you so“ bandwagon. They’ve set the trap, hoping to snare you.

It’s exhausting.

Controllers will often judge, criticize and devalue others, commenting how they ‘could have done it better’. If they do compliment, it’s usually in the process of a manipulative scenario.



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