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12 Signs Showing You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

How to notice the signals that show us when someone means nothing else but to harm us.

1. Reality denial

Regardless of how obvious the truth is these people will always deny it. Their truth is the only that matters even though it is complete opposite of the reality. Their truth is actually reflection of their wicked, unhealthy thoughts and ideas.

2. Fact twisting

These people are incredible manipulators. They are able to twist any fact that they do not want to accept. They possess ability to take things out of context and create a story that is in their favor.



Living the dream in SW France-Retired Love Swimming, Rambling, Labrador's, Pilates, Photography, Astronomy, Reiki, Travelling. Currently studying Psychology, and member of NAAP. I believe in truth, honesty, karma and integrity! KEEPING IT REAL - No one likes someone who lies and lives a different life on social media than they do in real life. ≧◔◡◔≦

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