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People Who Talk and Talk and Talk… About Themselves – Exploring your mind

Someone who talks too much about themselves has not established a clear limit between themselves and their surroundings. Their narcissistic personality keeps them from realizing that they’re not the center of the world. That’s why they think it’s normal that every conversation should revolve around them.

Actually, it doesn’t even cross their mind that their droning on and on can bore others. And if they are told this directly, they will assume that the problem lies within the other person, not within themselves.

That excessive need for all of the attention to be focused on them originates from subconscious insecurities. They feel gratification if they can get others to listen to them all the time. They perceive this as proof of their own worth. This type of person fails to get in tune with other people’s desires. Instead, they always revolve around their own needs.



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