My amazing year – shortlived

I dont often write about my personal experiences but felt I would just like to share this one!!!

Many of you have read my TRUE STORIES so I dont have to go into detail, after many, many years of frustration with the legal system and social services I am now well and truly reunited with my daughter and grandchildren.

The only assistance I had was a very understanding therapist who has kept me sane over the past year, and a very supportive family. Very few people beleived in me, even my birth mother and long term freinds who witnessed over 27 years of alienation just stood by and did nothing.

It does not take any specialist or PA expert when it comes to reuniting with adult alienated children, all it takes is time and love. Sooner or later the disturbed mind of the alienator will surface, the mask will slip and all will be revealed for what it truly is!!!!

The bystanders will try and make excuses for themselves for their cowardly behaviour, the alienator will try and up their game only to reveal more of the lies and betrayal towards their children.

During this phase, do not try to defend yourself, do not talk about the past, refuse to discuss your situation with bystanders who are only interested in portraying themselves as supportive, they are hypercrites of the worst kind. Instead focus all your energy into rebuilding your relationship, savour every moment, dont be afraid to show the love you have and always had to your reunited children and grandchildren.

Indulge them and yourself, make memories, build on what you have now and let go of the past.

Never ever give up on yourself or your children, one day it may happen, be full of love and laughter because this is what has been missing from their lives for many years. Be the parent you have been longing to be for all those months or years.

Its taken a long long time but I am now savouring and enjoying every second.

For all of you out there still waiting, I am always by your side.





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