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Psychopathic Primary Aggressor

The word psychopathic is used differently in psychology (and in this website,) than in sensational newspaper headlines. As a psychological ‘type’ it denotes a person who manages all their relationships by a need to dominate. Psychopathic primary aggressors, unlike other types of primary aggressor, act similarly outside their romantic relationships, but usually, opportunities to control are greater inside such relationships. In this style, unlike the other two, angry attachment is not a necessary element, though it may be present. Psychopathic and narcissistic traits are very often seen together but not always. While there is a well-validated twenty trait tool for assessing psychopathy, the basic features can be organized under the “five i’s”.

  • Insincerity saying what one believes the other person wants to hear, to exploit the person or gain their cooperation.
  • Irresponsibility refusing to own and respond to the consequences of choices.
  • Irritability quickly becoming agitated when things don’t go as wanted or expected
  • Indifference unwillingness to modify or stop behavior because of it’s effects on others. People who get hurt along the way are thought of as in the wrong place at the wrong time, that is ‘casaulties of war.’
  • Impulsivity quick choices and actions made without respect to easily foreseeable consequences to the person.



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