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Experts Agree: Money Can’t Buy You Love

According to their study’s findings, the authors found that “placing high value on money is associated with placing a lower value on marriage, which in turn relates to lower marital satisfaction.” In other words, if your partner would rather talk about the latest designer kicks they just purchased or your upcoming island vacation instead of addressing your concerns that you haven’t been spending much time together, that might be a red flag.

One explanation for this phenomenon, they continue, “is that materialism crowds out other life priorities and creates a scarcity of time for other priorities such as giving time to relationship processes such as communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy. In short, as the pursuit of money and worldly possessions are prioritized, other dimensions of life are necessarily deemphasized.” They also point out that past research found a correlation between being materialistic and being selfish—and it takes two people to make a marriage thrive.

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