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Why Friendships End | Psychology Today

We are hardwired to empathize. Typically, we are drawn to friends who will provide reciprocity in the areas we value (e.g., time, energy, and love). A common cause of dwindling friendship is the simple lack of balance. Here are some examples of imbalances that may contribute to a friendship breakup:

Caring & Sharing

For many, a fundamental aspect of friendship is caring. Compassion is related to happiness in a partnership. Love and care can vary in how they are provided and received. It’s possible that although both friends are sharing care, crossed signals cause a misinterpretation in affection. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that there is an actual imbalance in care, ultimately causing a friend to feel misunderstood, disrespected, minimized, and/or hurt.

I thought you cared for me too…

I was always there for you, why aren’t you here for me?

I’m glad we spend time together, but it just isn’t quality time anymore.



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