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Removing the Masks: The Necessity of the Counter-Intuitive in Parental Alienation

“Alienating parents tend to present well; targeted parents tend to present poorly. As a rule, alienating parents present with the Four C’s. They are cool, calm, charming, and convincing. That is because effective alienators tend to be master manipulators … In contrast, targeted parents tend to present with the Four A’s. They are anxious, agitated, angry, and afraid. That is because they are trauma victims. They are attempting to manage a horrific family crisis, usually without success, often while being attacked by professionals who fail to recognize the counterintuitive issues. Indeed, non-specialists often get these cases backwards” – Steven G. Miller, M.D., Massachusetts, USA –

Karen Woodall

Some would have it that all parental alienation involves personality disorder, I disagree. Some children become alienated in situations where there isn’t a whiff of personality disorder in sight and they are just as alienated, just as entitled, arrogant and dismissive of the parent they are ‘choosing’ to reject.  In my experience, relying upon personality disorder as a diagnostic indicator for parental alienation approaches the differentiation of the problem in the wrong direction.  If one relies upon the presence of a personality disorder to arrive at a diagnosis of parental alienation (which is now recognised by the World Health Organisation and is included in the new edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a synonym or an index term for the specific diagnosis of QE52.0 Caregiver-child Relationship Problem) then the exclusion of many families where children are alienated but where personality is not present in either parent, will occur…

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