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How Do I Know if I’m An Introvert or Extrovert?

I do like a quick test. The boring truth is that real change and self-discovery is hard work, putting one foot in front of another. But a test gives a tantalising insight into the psyche, after just a few minutes. The following test is loosely based on the Jungian inspired Myers-Briggs test.

It takes about 5-10 minutes and it gives a snapshot of various dominant dimensions of your personality. It’s really about how you approach the world; how you see things. There is no wrong or right. It’s about which lenses you use to focus or intuit on the world around you. For instance, are you an introvert (who gathers their energy from the inner life); or an extrovert (who gets pepped up from parties). Or are you somewhere in the middle? Of course, as you get older, you can switch from one to the other, depending on context. Still, a true introvert will be exhausted after a big social gathering and will need time to recuperate and collect their thoughts. A typical extrovert will be bouncing off the walls, with little time to stop and reflect.



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