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Grabbing Rain Drops

Grabbing Rain Drops

Parental alienation is the most emotional and wretched act that anyone can ever inflict upon someone who they once promised to love. Further, it is our children who suffer the greatest of all because, they are stripped of their ability to love both parents. It is they, who cannot walk away because, they are trapped in the insidious of web of deception, lies and betrayal by the alienating parent.

Perhaps, some people who have never experienced what we have, may feel we exaggerate our experiences. This is because, they have normal lives and turn a blind eye to what we suffer. Then again, maybe they are not as empathetic as, what we targeted parents are.

All I really know is, if children were not involved, we could walk away from the battle and live a peaceful existence. However, this is not possible when we choose to be the good parent who wants to protect our children from the harmful and hate filled effects of what an alienator does to them. We cannot walk away nor, run and hide. It is our duty to defend their rights to love both parents. This is what we do.



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