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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Traits: No Accountability

One of the most destructive and disturbing narcissistic personality disorder traits is a severe lack of accountability. This is in fact one of the most powerful warnings that you are dealing with an individual who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

How do you know when you’re dealing with this narcissistic personality disorder trait?

This narcissistic personality disorder trait shows up when this person never admits being wrong. It was not their fault, someone else was to blame, and they will employ all sorts of tactics and defences to avoid being accountable.

Let’s look at what some of the defences and tactics of this narcissistic personality disorder trait

• Avoidance:Refusing to recognise or acknowledge the incident as real or important to you

• Excuses: Making up stories or reasons for the behaviour that are not genuine or valid excuses

• Accusations:Blaming someone else for the wrongdoing

• False Apology: Saying a ‘sorry’ that is not a genuine apology, and expecting you to accept it

• Confusion: Creating antics over trivial points in the conversation to shift and confuse the focus



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