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The combination of wanting to control you, mixed with low self esteem, will often result in jealousy which can border on paranoia. This might mean they don’t want you to go out and socialize with others, that they try to get you to cover up, or that they go through your messages and other contacts. Again, regardless of the reasons for this behavior it is never a good sign and something you need to solve before you move forward with your relationship.

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms then this is a good sign that your partner is controlling. Likewise though you should also look to yourself and ask yourself whether you’ve lost contact with any of your friends because of this person, whether you’ve made any serious changes or sacrifices and whether you’re still the same person you used to be. If you find you are constantly changing to meet their demands and to make them happy, or that you are afraid to raise issues with your partner – then something is wrong. It is not normal to make sacrifices to such an extent that you lose your identity, and there are plenty of relationships out there for you where you could be happy without having to change so much. Freedom is the most important thing that any of us has and you should never let it go – even for love.



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