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Summary of Pathogenic Parenting

A parent suffering from a narcissistic or borderline personality disorder can, under unrelenting stress or pressure from divorce, decompensate into persecutory delusions that the other parent is inadequate or abusive. These parents then expel their feelings of inadequacy or abandonment onto their former partner by using the defense mechanisms of projection and splitting. Because of splitting, the ex-spouse must become the ex-parent of the child. Through triangulation, psychological enmeshment with their children, and the formation of a cross generational alliance with their children, they influence their children to share their delusion. This can be done by eliciting criticism from the child about the other parent and then enthusiastically validating it, and by mixing in partially true lies. These parents then use their children as a narcissistic supply (or regulatory-other), creating a role reversal relationship that shows a lack of empathy for their children’s own developmental needs.



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