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Discretion is part of wisdom

Beauty is not much, if the woman with it does not know how to act. It is hard to appreciate a gold nose ring on a 1000-pound, stinking, grunting, hairy pig! But this is a fair comparison to an attractive woman without personal grace to be pleasant company. An average looking woman without this discretion is just the sow without the nose ring!
What is discretion? Here is a marvelous quality, for lacking it can turn a beautiful woman into an ugly pig. Discretion is the ability to discern or distinguish what is right, befitting, or advisable for one’s own conduct. It is propriety of behavior; civility, courtesy; judicious, prudent, circumspect, and cautious conduct; especially that can be silent when speech would be improper. Discretion is ability to be proper at all times, in all situations.
Discretion is part of wisdom, the power of right judgment, and part of understanding, the power of right discernment (Pr 1:4; 2:10-17; 3:21; 5:1-2; Gen 41:33,39). Discretion is generous to others (Ps 112:5). It rejects wicked conduct by others (Pr 2:10-17). It rules the spirit to defer anger (Pr 19:11). It knows how each situation calls for different conduct (Is 28:23-29). It is prudent application of wisdom to speech and actions.
A woman with discretion is a gracious woman, which Solomon exalted (Pr 11:16). She always knows how to act, and she does it in such a way as to be delightfully charming to all those around her, all the time. Good men and women always hold this desirable creature in the highest regard. She is always honored, and men are very blessed when married to this queen of virtue. Wise men will only marry discreet and gracious women. And if such a woman is also beautiful, heaven has smiled upon the man with two suns!



Living the dream in SW France-Retired Love Swimming, Rambling, Labrador's, Pilates, Photography, Astronomy, Reiki, Travelling. Currently studying Psychology, and member of NAAP. I believe in truth, honesty, karma and integrity! KEEPING IT REAL - No one likes someone who lies and lives a different life on social media than they do in real life. ≧◔◡◔≦

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