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7 Characteristics of Someone Who is Aggressively Opinionated

Characteristics of Someone who is Aggressively Opinionated
1. Rarely interested in asking for other’s opinions, unless it is a staged question to challenge yours.
2. Rarely asks forwarding questions to encourage you to speak further.
3. Highly vested in having their opinions and thoughts heard at the expense of genuine connection and enjoyable flow of conversation.
4. In an effort to bring the focus back to them, interrupts then challenges other’s opinions with a question or counter opinion.
5. Often dominates the conversation with ridicule (Sometimes one on one, but frequently in larger groups such as a dinner engagement or business meeting.)
6. Offers their opinion in a forceful and loud (talking above others) manner.
7. You leave the encounter feeling unheard, and your own thoughts and opinions lacking any interest to them.



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