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Social climbing is rooted in insecurity

According to Psychology Today, it’s possible social climbing is rooted in insecurity and “an extreme tendency towards self-comparison.” This may be obvious in retrospect, but sometimes it’s hard to pick out these traits in a person we’re close with until we’ve been used and left in the dust.

So how do you distinguish between your average social butterfly or an ambitious coworker and a person who sees friendship as a stepping stone to her own personal or professional success? Here are three warning signs that you might be caught in the web of a social climber.

Obviously friends do friends favors, but you know she is a social climber when she only calls when she needs something. Real friends should be interested in you, not just what you can do for them.

02. She talks herself up and you down.

If she is a pro, then it’s subtle. When you’re with friends or colleagues she might throw a jab that makes her look good. It’s just a passing comment, but it got a laugh and leaves you feeling a little more “silly” than you would like.



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