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How to Accept and Let Go of People Who Won’t Change | HuffPost

One of Aesop’s Fables tells of a woman who brings a snake that has frozen in the cold back to her home. She makes it warm, and cares for it, only to have it bite her when it regains its strength. While dying from the snake’s poisonous bite, the bewildered woman asks him how he could do such a thing after she had treated him so well and shown him so much kindness? The snake reminds her that he is a snake and that is what snakes do.

So many times, we want to try to “fix” people who don’t want to be “fixed.” It may just be in their nature to be the way that they are, even though we know they would be better off with our help. We can get into trouble when we give too much to those who have never asked for our help or who, having asked for it, are likely to take advantage of it.

Have you run into any snakes in your life? Have you allowed someone to take advantage of your kindness or sympathy, or have you shared your soul with someone not interested in your highest good? When we have doubts whether or not a relationship is truly reciprocal, that is the time to call upon our gifts of intuition and discernment to guide us. Here are three ways to decipher who in your life will possibly never change and how to deal with them:



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