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6 Signs Someone Close to You Is Toxic (Their Behavior Is Unacceptable)

You’re hesitant to speak about your achievements
When you achieve a milestone or experience a major win, it’s easy for you to boast about it with your tribe – the people who will support you and celebrate your victories. It’s not so easy to share the good news with this person. You’d feel guilty about it, knowing they’d return a backhanded compliment or even worse, act like it’s no big deal (simply because they’re unsatisfied with their own situation.)

They put strangers or well-meaning people down
Not only do they belittle the people who care about them, they also “attack” the people they don’t even know – and for no reason. It seems like they’re envious of others and wish they could live in someone else’s shoes. They feel bad about themselves but will never admit it.

They don’t have solid friendships
You notice that this person doesn’t have any real support system – people who reach out to them. No one wants to be around someone who makes them feel undervalued or unloved, especially when all they talk about is themselves.

They make excuses for their actions
Rather than coming up with solutions to their problems, they always play the victim. They rarely take responsibility (or take control) for their situation. They rely on others to make them feel whole again rather than looking within.



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