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What the Symptoms of a Control Freak

To have everything ‘your way’, is pleasing to every human being. Also, thinking that you are right in every situation, is normal. But, understanding that you are right only from your perspective and not considering the fact that other people have their own perspective, and that too can be correct, is a different thing altogether.

There are 3 kinds of people:
the ones who do not bother or interfere with anyone else (there are very few of them),
the ones who are bothered about their close ones (especially), so they try advising them about how things should be, only out of concern, and
the ones who are bothered with mostly everyone.

People belonging to the second type, however, come to terms with disagreement very easily, giving their loved ones the freedom to make their own decisions. But the third type always thinks they know best and want everyone to follow what they say. They do not come to terms with any sort of disagreement, and express anger and frustration if anything does not go the way they want




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