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Signs You Have A Toxic Friendship

Some friendships that seem like they’re on shaky ground can be saved: If you talk to your friend and they make a huge effort to change, it shows that they really do value your friendship, and perhaps had no idea their behavior was taking a toll on you. Conversely, if they apologize and then make the same mistakes over and over again, it shows that they either can’t change or don’t care about you enough to try, and that you may be better off without them.

The free give and take of support is one of the basic building blocks of friendship, and I’m definitely not saying you need to keep score of how many times each week you’ve offered a shoulder to cry on or listened to a friend vent about problems they’re going through.

But if you consistently drop everything to be there for your friend and they don’t do the same for you when you’re struggling, it’s a sign that your friendship lacks a healthy balance.



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