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Why Don’t People Know They Have a Personality Disorder?

The above-mentioned symptom of “significant distress” is an important diagnostic indicator for all mental disorders. Ordinarily, when someone has a mental disorder they are able to recognize their difficulties and can identify their symptoms of discomfort. Their symptoms cause them a significant amount distress and dissatisfaction, and they are deeply troubled by their difficulties. This is usually true of people with personality disorders. However, an interesting peculiarity of personality disorders is that some people with personality disorders will routinely experience difficulties in their relationships, and difficulties at work or school, but they do not believe that there is anything wrong. In fact, they may not appear to be bothered much at all. In other words, their personality traits do not appear to be causing them any distress; meanwhile, they are causing distress to everyone around them. When that is the case, it is often the other people in their lives who notice the person is frequently hard to get along with, and difficult to relate to. Such people often seem blissfully unaware of any problem. Meanwhile, it is readily apparent to others that they have great difficulty adapting to life’s ordinary challenges, and often seem to steer directly into storms.



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