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Egotists are high-maintenance people

Egotists are high-maintenance people. They need continuous reaffirmation of their special entitlement by the people around them. In its protracted absence, they become sulky and petulant, then demanding, then insecure, then anxious.

Confident people don’t need that continuous reaffirmation from others. They have no sense of special entitlement. They’re not dependent on anyone for their sense of security; it comes from within. This leaves room in their personalities for broad-mindedness, compassion, consideration, and a willingness to help when they see the need without expectation of reward.

Confident people tend to be calm and easy-going, with a good eye for opportunities to move toward their goals; egotists, not so much. They’re so wrapped up in themselves and what others owe them that they miss everything. Then they blame that on everybody but themselves.

Egotism is dysfunctional and unattractive; self-confidence is the opposite.



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