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Who’s the Egoistic person

The Egoistic person is the one who has an exaggerated self importance and who sometimes thinks that he is more important than anybody else.

Egoistic people can sometimes be hard to deal with or even dangerous that’s why its extremely important that you learn how to spot them from a distance.

If you want that person to remain your friend then you need to respect him and to make him feel that he is important. If you want to piss him off just ignore him or even treat him like you treat normal people.

How to spot egoistic people

Here is how you can single out Egoistic people:

  • 1) The always seek revenge & are sometimes very aggressive: An Egoistic person thinks that he is extremely important and as a result the slightest sarcastic comment will be considered a serious assault and as a result the response of that Egoistic person might be very aggressive. “I am the kind of person you should never mess with” and “you can do that to anybody but not to me” are two popular phrases Egoistic people use
  • 2) They always try to be different than others: Egoistic people believe that they are way better than most people and as a result they try to differentiate themselves from others as much as they can. The way an egoistic person differentiates himself from others will differ from a person to another but generally here are some of the common strategies they use to fulfill that objective: 1) Dress differently, 2) buy unique cars, 3) own unique gadgets 4) go for unique jobs or 5) keep claiming that they are different (usually the ones who talk a lot are the ones who didn’t manage yet to differentiate themselves in a way that satisfies them)
  • 3) They usually pose alone in pictures: If you browsed the profile pictures of an Egoistic person on a social network then probably you will notice that he stands alone in most of his pictures. An Egoistic person usually doesn’t depend on his friends to build his identity and he usually prefers to be perceived as an independent stand alone guy
  • 4) The choice of words: A typical Egoistic person will use such phrases more often: “People are stupid”, “I have a different way of thinking”, “I am not your typical Joe”, “I have different views about life”, “I am too good to do so and so” or “I have my own way”. By using these phrases and similar ones the Egotistic person will satisfy his need to feel important and different.
  • 5) His friend can become his enemy overnight: An egoistic person can have severe mood swings when he realizes that someone attemtped to harm him. If for example you said hi in a way that this person didn’t like then he might label you as an enemy and even remove you from Facebook as soon as he can access the internet
  • Bonus tips to single out Egoistic people: Egotistic people are very selective, their problem is usually finding a match that satisfies their big egos. They are usually extremely ambitious because they believe that they deserve to go higher in ranks. In many cases Egoistic people have double standards. In other words they can insult people but get furious when someone does the same thing to them. They are usually a bit arrogant and cocky as well.

Beware of the Egoistic person

The Egoistic person can display serious aggression and rage if he believed that someone is threatening his ego. Humiliating that person in public is one of the actions that will certainly result in serious problems.

Underestimating that person by any means will fuel his desire for revenge even if that revenge was taken years later. Egoistic people don’t forget the names or the faces of those who have humiliated them.

A typical Egoistic person will keep remembering the bad thing you did to him years ago unless you resolve the matter completely (by Apologizing for example).



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