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A combination of “friend” and “enemy”

According to Bergen, “A frenemy is a person in your life where there is some type of rivalry under the surface of a friendship. This rivalry may arise from unresolved conflict between two people, competitiveness that develops over the course of the friendship, jealousy by one or both parties, or it may be a manifestation of psychological issues by one person.”

  • Jealous: a feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages. …A frenemy will never say or feel “so what if I didn’t get it, at least she got it. I am happy for her.” There will always be an ounce of remorse in their heart that you have something that they do not, regardless of whether they even need it or not. A luxury car might be gathering dust in the garage, but the sheer fact that you bought the latest model would irk them.
  • Egoism: the fact of being excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself. …Egoism: the fact of being excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself. If two people feel the need to boast about themselves, then they are frenemies. You can wear Nizam’s jewels or get a scholarship at Harvard University, your frenemy’s prima-donna behavior will never let them accept that your achievement is justified and neither would they come forward to congratulate, unless, it’s to throw a line of sarcasm at you in front of 10 others. The narcissists in the grip of ego will be of the opinion that anyone who has blessed you with these privileges has not come across him/her.
  • Manipulative: exercising unscrupulous control or influence over a person or situation.A friend will not try to control you.
  • Distrust: the feeling that someone or something cannot be relied upon. You cannot trust a frenemy and neither will they have confidence in you. The relationship is sealed with doubts and treachery. You will never disclose that you don’t believe even a word of what the other person tells you and your frenemy will not miss out on an opportunity to disclose your secrets or bitch behind your back. Be warned that a frenemy will act supportive and push you to get your secrets out, in their own manipulative ways.
  • Opportunism: the taking of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle.When it comes to self-benefits, friendship takes a back seat between frenemies. Friends would discuss an opportunity to see if they can include each other to share the fruits. Frenemy would not be concerned whether you are even aware of an opening towards personal gain. In fact, they may go at length to ensure things are kept under wrap until it is too late for you to act. You will be left shocked when you realize how games can be played unfairly to get a lead in the race.



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