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Beware of Being “Right” | Psychology Today

Much of the emotional suffering in the world comes from the substitution of power for value. The curse of our times is that so many people have developed the habit of seeking to feel temporarily more powerful when they feel devalued. This leads almost inevitably to power struggles and some degree of abuse of others, if acted out, or, if held in, to some level of depression.

Those afflicted with this terrible, though common habit lose sight of behavioral possibilities that would make them feel more valuable when they most need it—when the feel devalued. They grow alienated from their more humane values, which makes them feel progressively less valuable. To compensate, they inflate their egos to fragile proportions, which seem to need more and more power as defense. This dynamic, fueled by the systematic substitution of power for value, leads to what is commonly and erroneously considered the narcissistic constellation of personalitydisorders.



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2 thoughts on “Beware of Being “Right” | Psychology Today

  1. Great piece! I struggle with the need to be right and what you’ve written resonates with me. Thanks for sharing


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