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Effect of Traumatic Stress on Children and Teens

Children age 5 and under may:
Show signs of fear
Cling to parent or caregiver
Cry, scream, or whimper
Move aimlessly or become immobile
Return to behaviors common to being younger, such as thumbsucking or bedwetting

Children age 6 to 11 may:
Lose interest in friends, family, and fun activities
Have nightmares or other sleep problems
Become irritable, disruptive, or angry
Struggle with school and homework
Complain of physical problems
Develop unfounded fears
Feel depressed, emotionally numb, or guilt over what happened

Adolescents age 12 to 17 may:
, or other sleep problems
Avoid reminders of the event
Abuse drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
Be disruptive, disrespectful, or destructive
Have physical complaints
Feel isolated, guilty, or depressed
Lose interest in hobbies and interests
Have suicidal thoughts
Source: National Institute of Mental Health



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