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Splitting in Borderline Personality Disorder

By itself, splitting may seem almost commonplace, a behavior easily attributed to any number of individuals we know and maybe even ourselves.

However, splitting in BPD is considered a consistent and distorted behavior usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

  • Acting out (acting without consideration to consequences)
  • Passive aggression (an indirect expression of hostility)
  • Denial (consciously ignoring a fact or reality)
  • Projection (assigning an undesirable emotion to someone else)
  • Omnipotence (the belief that you possess superiority in intelligence or power)
  • Emotional hypochondriasis (trying to get others to understand how severe your emotional pain is)
  • Projective identification (denying your own feelings, projecting them onto someone else, and then behaving toward that person in a way that forces them to respond to you with the feelings you projected onto them)



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