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Sociopath definition and what it means exactly!

means that sociopaths can do bad or evil things and feel no regrets whatsoever. This explains how some serial killers or serial rapists can do what they do. They feel nothing for their victims. Absolutely nothing!

Such extreme sociopaths are very rare, however. Much more common are the sociopaths who live seemingly normal lives, but who are lying, cheating, swindling and manipulating everybody around them for their own selfish gains.

They can be incredibly difficult to spot because they are charming, friendly and witty and make friends easily. They like to make friends because friends trust each other. And it’s easier to get friends to do what you want.

They have an ability to spot the needs, desires and weaknesses of others and will use them to control and dominate for personal benefit.

The relationships they build are totally fabricated, deliberately designed to manipulate the emotions of their victims in order to be able to take advantage of them. And they may do it really well! So well, in fact, that even when they are abusing people, stealing from them and lying, the victim still wants to maintain the relationship with them!

This can occur within a husband wife relationship, in a business setting or even large group settings such as destructive cults, or you may have a sociopath next door!

The wife who treats her husband badly, having many affairs, spending a lot of money, having him look after the house and children when she’s out socializing, may be a sociopath. Learn more about how to forget such a sociopath here.



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