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Relationship with a sociopath – how would you know?

A change

And at some point there is a change in the relationship with the sociopath. A man has lent money to his girlfriend and she disappears. Shortly after getting married, or getting pregnant, her husband starts to drink more and becomes abusive.

The workplace psychopath starts to miss deadlines, not turn up for work, abuse others and starts to generally take liberties.

The cult leader no longer spends so much time with those people who have been indoctrinated. They get only so much time as is necessary to keep them engaged. In fact, spending time with him or her becomes a privilege. And if there is a sexual relationship (which, in the context of mind control, is sexual abuse) this typically changes as well. It may stop if the leader has new victims, or it may become very cold, devoid of emotion on the part of the leader, automatic you could say. Because of the nature of mind control, the victims are unable to make the decision to discontinue the relationship with a sociopath, even when they feel they are just being used

But they are nice people!

Many of the people around psychopaths have come to believe that they are nice people. Therefore the initial bad behavior is explained away or justified. After all, there must be a good reason for it, right?

Two situations can arise here. One is where the person captured believes this person is wonderful and his or her friends warn them against the psychopath but they cannot see it. The other is where the manipulated person tries to tell their friends of the abuse they are suffering but their friends can’t believe it because the person seems so nice to them!

It gets worse

But then the nastiness, the abuse and the dominating behavior persists.

By this time, for the person in an intimate relationship with a sociopath, it’s too late. They have been captured by the sociopath and tolerate more and more abuse. The difficulty is that they have come to rely on the sociopath to make decisions, to know how they are and sometimes even who they are. They are completely dependent on the sociopath.

This explains why some men and women will tolerate 10, 15 or 20 years of abuse in a marriage. The sociopath understands how to use mind controltechniques to manipulate and dominate others. And this is basically what they want, power over others.



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