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Alienated children want to reunite with their Targeted Parents despite what the Alienator may say.

If you want to reunite with your child you have to forget about needing to prove you are right on issues. Sometimes it is appropriate and other times not, so more often than not you have to let issues slide.

The problem that you have is if the Alienating Parent tells the Alienated Child that the white wall over there is black there is no way that you can convince the Alienated child by yourself that it is white. Maybe it is possible with the help of several other people that Alienated Child knows and trusts. Not however by yourself.

Dr Richard Gardner has made mention that while the child is living with and under the control of the Alienating parent it is near on impossible to reunite with the child. Your best chance is when the child has grown up and living independently or living away while at college. Some children have been known to remain Alienated years after the Alienating parent has died and it is quite likely the Alienation will last the child’s lifetime. Dana Laquidara was alienated for approximately 40 years. Dr Baker recorded a case where one child was alienated 47 years after the child

rejected the Targeted Parent.



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