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The Special Case of the Sociopathic Parent

Of all the damage a sociopath can do, I think the worst is to their own children. Children raised by sociopaths grow up feeling, on some level, unlovable. This is a fairly unavoidable result of having a parent who’s incapable of feeling genuine parental love. The child has no idea that his parent is incapable, and naturally assumes that his own lack of lovability is the problem. And few things are as deeply painful for a human being as the feeling of being unlovable.

The problems of the child of the sociopath are compounded by the fact that virtually no one wants to believe that his mother or father is a sociopath. This gives the sociopathic parent even more power. Even as adults, the son and daughter will likely feel more comfortable believing that their sociopathic parent means well, is trying her hardest, and actually loves them.

Although this distortion of the truth feels better, it’s actually quite harmful. Generally, the less we understand who our parents truly are, the more power they have over us. So the man who distorts his mother’s true nature, in order to make himself feel better, is paying a heavy price.



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