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The Empath, the Apath and the Sociopath.

The worst is yet to come for the poor victim however. Because once the Sociopath has stonewalled them, they then continue to attack their victims using immense passive aggressionThis they do by garnering an army of ‘apathetic’ people (known as APATHS). In other words, people who are mutual friends/family of the Abuser and the Victim but who are (usually) totally unaware of the abuse that is taking place. The Sociopath uses these people as their ‘Foot Soldiers, Minions or Flying Monkeys in order to pass on their aggression. This is known as TRIANGULATION and is essentially sadistic machiavellianism. The deliberate dividing and conquering of family and friends. Most often than not, they will totally destroy a family or close social group, tearing them apart with their lies and slander. The Sociopath will continue to attack their victims using unsuspecting apathetic people but occasionally they might even team up with another Cluster B, like a sociopathic tag team. They simply cannot stand to see their victims happy and hate their empathy because they’re envious of it. They long to be able to have feelings, like their victims do and so will suck all the goodness out of them whilst projecting all their own evil into them. This is why they are often referred to as ‘social vampires’ or ‘soul stealers’. They are human beings, but they’re simply not Humane.

Perhaps the saddest thing, is that people who suffer from anti-social personality disorders, tend to alienate and sadistically set out to hurt the very people who love them most and who love them unconditionally, (which tends to be members of their immediate family and/or their partners or children). Most often they will end up alone in later life, as they almost always get found out in the end.



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