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Dealing with a Sociopath Family Member

At the very onset, you need to understand the sociopath. You don’t have to be empathetic, you don’t have to feel strongly for the sociopath or be accountable for the person. You simply have to understand what you are dealing with.

A sociopath is a person who stands against everything that is considered right or morally correct in a society. This is not a technical definition but what a sociopath is in a broader sense. There are various types of sociopaths and delving into such details would have to be specific to every case. Sociopaths, in general, have no regard for morality, righteousness, empathy, relationships or society as a whole. They would say and do things that normal people living in a society will not. They will act and react in manners that are not within the ambit of what is defined as civil or acceptable.



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