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Most expert Psychologist’s require that the child refrain from any contact with the Alieantor during therapy and for 90 days or longer after the therapy to prevent regression. See for example Linda Gottlieb, Dr Childress and the Parental Alienation Study Group. Dr Childress explains it like this:
‘We cannot ask the child to reveal their authentic love for the targeted-rejected parent until we are first able to protect the child from the psychological retaliation that would be sure to follow from the narcissistic/(borderline) parent if the child shows any bonding toward the targeted parent.’ (see: Facebook)

So far there has been very little verifiable data published about the reunification of Alienated children through court ordered treatment programs or any other programs. There are a lot of non verified claims that after children have been reunited using these programs they later regress and fall under the spell of the Alienator again. If this is true, an explanation might be that the Alienator and Regime are so powerful that the child will always be vulnerable if they spend much time with them.



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