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Parental Alienation and Child Abuse

Due to the very sensitive nature of parental alienation and child abuse, the legal route is best to protect the victim and ensure successful prosecution of the perpetrator. In some cases, unfounded allegations are made which need to be regarded in a very serious light and addressed accordingly. Read more about the Five Steps of Parental Alienation to find out if it applies to you.

Criminal Activities

Both the guilty and innocent parties need proper legal representation, advice and protection, for the consequences of illegal actions will have profound effects on the whole family and the security of their future.

Personality Disorders

Psychological profiles of parents and children may be obtained and admitted in court, in order to settle relevant divorce disputes, which might not be possible during meditation. Learn about the 25 Signs of Emotional Abuse.

Forensic Issues

The courts have several avenues to discover information which has not been disclosed by parties in a divorce. When dishonesty prevails, trust is lost between spouses and the chances of reaching an amicable agreement is severely diminished. Here are the Signs that Your Spouse is Hiding Assets.



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