Story of Hope

Here is a comprehensive list of the authorities and people I have written to over the past 27 years who would not listen or intervene and stop my children being emotionally abused by my ex partner.

Bedfordshire Social Services

Bucks Social Services

Welfare Offices Bedfordshire

Aylesbury Care for Children and Families

Edlesborough School, Bedfordshire

Cottesloe School, Bedfordshire

Aylesbury Grammar School, Buckinghamshire

Tring School, Hertfordshire

Bedfordshire Police

Thames Valley Police

Milton Keynes County Court

Waltons Solicitors

United Grand Lodge of England – Masons

Brother in Law

Mother in Law

My own biological mother


Now history is repeating itself and my ex is threatening to do exactly the same again,  his words “I have done it before and got away with it, I shall do it again”. He has been allowed to manipulate, deceive and control the authorities, friends and family for decades!!!!!!!!!!!

Well #timetochange  is here and hopefully history will not be repeating itself. READ THE REPORT

NAAP focuses on the rights of children to have a loving relationship with both parents after divorce or separation. Just four parents with no budget, they have formed a helpline, and a national report from experts in this subject which has been sent to every MP, social services department, government department and minister, contact centre, school and more. But why? Well to educate everyone about the well-researched issue, the size of the problem and to create a national conversation. This culminates in the official launch on Wednesday 7th March 2018 at the House of Commons with key expert speakers in the field addressing and audience of multidisciplinary professionals, parents and MP’s about the emotional harm suffered by children in these cases.



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