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Because It’s All About Lies.

Because It’s All About Lies.
Probably more than any other crime, parental alienation is all about lies. It’s only about lies. Lies are the weapons alienators use to harm our children by lying tothem about who we are to the point where they no longer know who they are. It’s why parental alienation is considered abuse.
And when we stand by silently while this abuse is taking place, we’re not only allowing it to happen, we’re endorsing it as well. Our silence surrounding the poisoning of our children does nothing but provide a cocoon shielding the actions of these predators from the public and providing a seedbed for this abuse to flourish. And any privacy we feel obligated to uphold to protect our loved ones isn’t protecting anyone except this perpetrator – usually an ex-spouse.
Whatever merit there might be in protecting our alienated children’s privacy is too high a price to pay for what’s happening to them in private:
· For the fact that, throughout the remainder of lives, they will be increasingly vulnerable to depression, alcoholism, academic problems, PTSD, poor relations with peers, and many other psychological and social problems



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